Monday, 5 November 2012

The Money Game

Another math game for students. The author shared creative idea on how to play the money game.

Teachers can also organize such interesting and simple game in class.

The Math Operation Game

This is a video on how to create operation game for students.
Teacher may change the position of operation and let students make the biggest number they can.

Math Blaster

This is a website for children to learn mathematics while playing.
Just a simple sign up will do and lots of free cool Math games are awaiting.
The website is trusted by parents and play free.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Magic English for Kids

Children love cartoons very much. Besides in-class teaching, playing some exciting learning videos are also useful for students to absorb knowledge. Students are easily attracted to animation than book. Therefore, I've selected videos to play as part of my teaching.

This video is known as "Magic English for Kids". Characters of Disney were used to create this video. Here is one of the selected videos. You may google it or search in youtube.

The Importance of English

English is an important language in the world. As we can see, English is listed as compulsory subject in schools. As an English teacher, my responsibility is not only to impose knowledge to students. Creative and innovative teaching is also playing an important role among teachers and students.Hence, I have always tried my best to create and search for interesting learning program, games as well as teaching materials to assist my teaching of English.

Here are some links I would like to share:

1.British Council



Hope these are useful to you too!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012